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If you ask me how I came to the embroidery, I will answer by chance or that it's the embroidery that came to me.

Passionnated by the arts and crafts, the design, the hand's works since always, I have only known the embroidery during my studies but I soon realised that I had found my place a needle in my hand.

Many will tell you that emroidery requires patience, I think it demand passion.

Behind the embroiery loom, I don't see the hours, the hands work and the brain medite, time take an other dimension when point after point the embroidery appears.

In my work, I'm willing to enrol the embrodery in our interiors and take back the arts and crafts in our environment.

The textile is an indespensable and influent material in our homes. I propose collecions of accessories and objects (pictures, textil's panel, lighting...) which come animated the home. I can also create uniques objects or an entier personalised textile universe which will fit with your space.

2015 Diploma of  textile's art and design specialisation embroidery

2016 Diploma of screenprinting


Inspired by travels and cartography's graphic lines, my universe is constructed to question our place as inhabitant of the world. Between standardisation and affimation of is singularity, the world and the cartography evolve with this two movements.

Investing the planisphere, I want to take us to appreciate what's around us, to take time for the contemplation.


En investissant le textile, en l'associant au papier ou d'autre matériaux. En puissant mon inspiration dans la nature et un univers graphique et géométrique the embroidery become meditation, textile is the medium of the eslewhere. .

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